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World Sports Fitness Inc. is the largest program in: Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Karate, Cross Training, Personal Training, Self Defense, Training for specific sports, and More.

We offer Continuing Education Courses, Seminars ( Workshops & Clinics ) and Certifications for Individuals, Health Clubs, and dojos that need qualified Fitness, Sports, and Martial Arts Professionals Worldwide.

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Please consult your physician before beginning these, or any other vigorous exercise programs.

Do drink water as needed before, during and after an exercise session. Avoid heavy meals, alcohol or smoke for 2 hours prior to a great workout. Use correct body positions ( posture ) to avoid muscles stress.

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World Sports Fitness Inc. CEO, Pierre F. Mouele, knows that the best way to lose weight is to combine regular exercise with a healthy diet. This combination, rather than just diet or exercise alone is the key to maximizing fat loss. Preserving lean muscle tissue is important for bringing up your metabolic rate and burning calories throughout the day while maintaining long term motivation. Lose Weight

At World Sports Fitness Personal Training, we care about you, your safety and overall wellness. We believe that training should NEVER hurt you, but rather ENHANCE your HEALTH. It is our mission to move you towards your health and fitness goals in the safest, most efficient means possible, using scientifically supported training protocols.

Our skilled and friendly professional trainers will carefully design a safe, well rounded program of progressive resistance training around your personal fitness goals, history, and limitations.
In and out in less than an hour, our efficient and effective workouts will allow you to enjoy all of the general health and fitness benefits that strength training can produce: improved appearance, overall strength, energy, mobility, balance and coordination, osteoporosis prevention, and increased resistance to injury.

With training available by appointment throughout the day, World Sports Fitness can accommodate your busy work and family schedule.

Call or text World Sports Fitness to schedule a complimentary consultation and begin your path towards a stronger, leaner, healthier you. Learn more about World Sports Fitness today!

We Moved ! World Sports Fitness now located at 28710 Wall Street Wixom, MI, 48393 USA * Conveniently located close to the I-96 / Wixom Rd. interchange.

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